Scavenger Hunt - Where in the World?

Scavenger Hunt:
Where in the World?



DIRECTIONS: In which part of the world do some animals live? Look at the list of animals below. Some will be familiar to you, and others will not.

Use the Internet to find where these animals live. To help you, we've provided you with the URL address as a link for a Web site where you will find the information you need. You might need to wander around the Web site a bit to find the page that has information about each animal's natural habitat. Write the name of the country or continent where you find each animal on the paper provided.


1. white-faced saki Oregon Zoo
2. King penguin Detroit Zoo

3. silver langur Cincinnati Zoo

4. Gila monster Cincinnati Zoo

5. wallaroo The Oakland Zoo

6. bison The Oakland Zoo

7. meerkat Birmingham Zoo

8. muntjac Birmingham Zoo

9. black rhinoceros Lincoln Park Zoo

10. green tree python Lincoln Park Zoo


BONUS!! If we have enough time and you are given a copy of a world map, put the animal number next to each animal on the world map to show where in the world that animal lives. and then see the librarian to collect your prize!

Good Luck!

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